An Enchanted Town...

Patzcuaro is one of Mexico's most charming destinations. Dating back to the 1320's, it ranks among the United Nation's top 100 Historic World Treasure Cities. With crooked cobblestone streets, white adobe walls with maroon borders, and clay tile roofs forming ramshackle rooflines, it is an enchanted place that beckons to be photographed and painted.

Take a leisurely stroll down the town's two main plazas, or explore the areas around the lake that offer fishing, sailing, rowing, cycling, hiking, volcano climbing, and horseback riding.

The Lake Patzcuaro shores border Indian villages. Enjoy the soft sounds of the Purepechan language as you take in the sights of the ancient villages while the Indian women perform their daily chores, sporting blue rebozo wraps and braided hair in colorful ribbons.

Patzcuaro enjoys a pleasant, comfortable climate as it lies nestled in a small valley surrounded by beautiful mountains thickly forested with pine, fir, oak, and eucalyptus. At 7100 feet altitude, the climate is warm and spring-like, never getting too hot. Day temperatures rarely drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees C) during the winter and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees C) in spring and summer. November through March mornings and nights are often chilly, so bring warm clothes.

view of lake patzcuaro from the centro

Lake Patzcuaro in the distance from a downtown street...

The rainy season is June through September, and is remarkable in that the weather is warm a with a pleasant breeze throughout the morning and early afternoon, and then billowing clouds often roll in, rain falls heavily for a short while, and then the warm, tranquil calm quickly returns. As water drips from the low-slung overhangs a sweet melancholy descends upon the town.

Rainy afternoons are ideal for visiting the colonial churches, historic edifices, the outstanding Museo de Artes Populares (folk art museum), the ex-Colegio Jesuita, the Casa de Once Patios (house of the 11 courts), and the public library "Gertrudis Bocanegra".

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